10 Best Scooter for Kids and Toddlers; Keeps Them Busy and Engage more Outdoor Fun Activity

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Are you thinking about purchasing the best scooter for kids or toddlers? A lot of parents debate whether to get a bike or scooter for their toddler’s first outdoor toy. We’re fans of the scooter idea.

Why? Well, we think they’re more age-appropriate for toddlers and they’re a great way to work up to the bigger milestones. There are some really cool options out right now that are both exciting and beneficial for toddlers.

Your toddler is making the transition from walking to running and jumping. Riding a scooter can be a fantastic way to work on improving their gross motor skills. Of course, they need to use their muscles to push against the ground and build speed.

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Riding a scooter also requires your child to move their legs, balance, and turn all at the same time. While it could take a few practices runs for your toddler, they can slowly develop their coordination skills.


10 Best Scooters for Kids and Toddlers

Let’s take a look at the advantages a scooter offers and what you should look out for when you’re shopping. Last but not least, we’ll give you a rundown on the best scooters for toddlers, currently available on the market.

In this article, we are going to highlight the 10 best scooters to increase their fun time as well as help to improve motor skills.


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Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter with Removable Seat Great for Kids & Toddlers Girls or Boys – Adjustable Height w/Extra-Wide Deck PU Flashing Wheels for Children from 2 to 14 Year-Old

Our advanced scooter features everything you love, with a couple of innovative extras. Your child can scoot standing or sitting and the T-bar has 4 adjustable height options to accommodate growing children.

Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter with Removable Seat Great for Kids

The smooth-gliding wheels, low-to-the-ground deck, and stable steering all make LaScoota perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners. It features a lean-to-steer design where children steer using their body weight to lean right and left, learning to lean into a turn, while developing the balance and coordination used in many sports.

Expand your child’s motor skills and horizons while building his/her confidence, ready for moving on to more challenging rides in the future. Our highly-rated scooter has attracted much attention and numerous positive reviews from customers like you.

Light Up Wheels: As you scoot, the turning wheels light up in a variety of flashing colors, adding an original and fun twist to the ride.

Adjustable Handle Bar: The handlebar also has 4 adjustable height options to accommodate kids of different ages.

Removable Seat: The sitting mode on this scooter means young kids can use it as a ride-along, then remove the seat and use it in scoot mode when they get older.

Lean -To -Steer technology: The scooter uses the LEAN-TO-STEER technology, which means the scooter is controlled by leaning rather than turning the steering wheel, this design helps your child develop balance skills, coordination and more

Durable Construction, Designed to Last: We know what kids can be like and therefore our three-wheeled scooter was designed to withstand the use and abuse of children. It is comprised of aluminum alloy and sturdy stainless-steel parts. The breaks are extremely reliable and made of highly durable stainless-steel ABS.

Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter with Removable Seat Great for Kids2

Special Features:

  • It is comprised of aluminum alloy and sturdy stainless-steel parts.
  • Turning wheels light up in a variety of flashing colors.
  • The handlebar has 4 adjustable height options
  • The seat is fully removable with 2 height options.
  • The 3-wheel, the self-balancing scooter provides a quiet and smooth ride
  • The kick scooter is equipped with a low-to-the-ground, a grippy and extra-wide deck that is large enough to fit both feet.
  • The kick scooter a perfect gift for your kid.

User Experience and Review

  • Sturdy wheels, nice cushion grip, and stable platform, Great quality, this will last for years!
  • Perfect for my 2-year-old niece. Great product and excellent customer service.
  • The quality is excellent! It turns smoothly; the wheels are so pretty as it shines front and back. It is easy to ride as it the board is quite big.
  • Compared with 3 different products but this one is the highest quality, probably the best scooter we are looking for!
  • High quality, neat steering mechanism, a perfect scooter for an active toddler ready to ride!

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Razor Jr. Lil’ Kick Scooter

The Lil’ Kick’s stand-alone, three-wheel design makes for a more stable ride that helps young riders build coordination. The extra-wide, slip-resistant deck keeps tots on their little toes.

Razor Jr. Lil' Kick Scooter

Designed for first-time riders, the Razor Jr. Lil’ Kick scooter features an extra-wide, slip-resistant deck and a three-wheeled construction for optimal stability. Large wheels add to the balanced ride.

Special Features:

  • Kids’ scooter with 3-wheel design for added stability
  • Wide, slip-resistant deck and wide rear wheel base
  • Low profile for easy scooting; large smooth-rolling wheels
  • Padded T-Bar; sturdy welded steel frame
  • Recommended for ages 3 and older; supports riders up to 45 pounds

Razor Jr. Lil' Kick Scooter2

User Experience and Review

  • My son loves this little scooter. I was hesitant to buy because of the reviews about the screw sticking out and the wheels in the way for scooting.
  • If you teach your child how to properly ride it you won’t have any issues with the rear wheels.
  • I have a tiny 3 year old (she wears a 2t in carter’s) and she absolutely loves this scooter. I love the wheels, they make for a smooth ride.
  • My five year old daughters love these scooters! They were easily assembled within about 10 minutes.
  • Nice kick scooter for a toddlers. My daughter got this when she turned two and we were just swinging it inside the house with her standing on it. But she is three now and has learned to kick scooter.

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S SKIDEE Scooter for Kids with Folding/Removable Seat – Adjustable Height, 3 LED Light Wheels, 3 Wheels Kick Scooter for Girls & Boys 2-12 Years Old

The happiest childhood memories are made playing outdoors with friends and family. Instead of letting kids get addicted to gaming and movies, we imagine a better future where kids are begging to stay outside for just a few more minutes. Parents will be blown away when your kids go from “I’m Bored” – to I’m Having a Blast!!

S SKIDEE Scooter for Kids

Children will imagine they are on a Grand Prix Race Track – as they expertly lean to steer safely around sharp curves. The “Lean to Steer” technology promotes motor skills, balance and coordination.

Smiles and laughter, hours, days, and years of fun! This is the gift that keeps kids happy and having fun for a long time! Skiddee Scooters can be used indoors on rainy days, or outdoors when the sun is shining. Perfect for birthdays, Christmas, Hanukah or just because you want to spoil your kids or grandkids!

Designed for Any Age: The Skidee Scooter has a fully adjustable handlebar that can be set higher or lower as needed (24.5″-33″). As your children grow, the scooter can be adjusted. Suitable for age 2-12.

It’s a Party on Wheels: Skidee scooter is more than just a riding toy – it’s an all in one Party on Wheels! Watch the wheel lights flash as they spin around.

Extra Wide Deck: The scooter has an extra-wide deck that is large enough to fit both feet. It uses the lean-to-steer technology, which means the scooter is controlled by leaning rather than turning the steering wheel.

Special Features:

  • Skidee scooters with foldable seats are fantastic fun for little ones!
  • Keep your kid safe and full of smiles with kids scooters that combine strong and sturdy design with lightweight aluminum alloy for years of scooting fun!
  • Teach your kids to balance at an early age! With lean-to-turn steering, this toddler scooter is the perfect way for kids to learn balance and motor skills.
  • This unique mechanism also protects against dangerously sharp turns, so you can make sure your kids are having fun while staying safe.
  • Fold the seat and handlebar to carry this lightweight scooter with ease.
  • Keep your kids scootin’ forever, since your Skidee kids scooter with seat comes with our general 1 year warranty, and also with an option of a 5 year warranty.

S SKIDEE Scooter for Kids

User Experience and Review

  • The retractable handlebar makes it great for kids of all sizes and the three wheel scooter makes it perfect for kids of all abilities.
  • Best scooters out there! 3 and 5 yr old love them.
  • Sturdy little scooter with bonus seats! Loved these scooters! The grandkids had a blast, and the seats are perfect!
  • Perfect scooter for an energetic child. My child always wants to get outside and there’s nothing more relaxing than going for a jog with your child.
  • My four year old was so excited to receive this. It was quick and easy to put together. The scooter glides well and the wheels lighting up is a little bonus.

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Scooters for Kids Toddler Scooter – Deluxe Aluminum 3 Wheel Glider w/Kick n Go, Lean 2 Turn Wheels, Step 4 Brake, Toddlers Training Three Wheeled Kid Ride on Toys Best for Little Boys & Girls

KIDS SCOOTER: Zip around the neighborhood in style with this 3-wheel kick scooter. T-style handle bar locks in place. Constructed of metal and durable nylon composites our kick scooter is the same quality build as brands costing far more.

Scooters for Kids Toddler Scooter

STABLE 3-WHEEL DESIGN: Our unique 3-wheel design gives the kick scooter both added stability and safety. No need for a kick stand or for unbalanced riding. Wide deck and 3-wheel design make riding fun and easy for kids of any skill level. Simply hop on and start scooting. Quality PU wheels are both smooth and quiet and high quality bearings reduce vibration and make for a smoother ride.

DURABLE ALUMINUM FRAME: Built to last, our kick scooter is made with a high quality aluminum frame, carbon steel alloy & adjustable T locking handle bar. Handles also feature comfort grip pads. Folding design makes the scooter ideal for travel or storage. Built to handle the bumps our Kids scooter is guaranteed to last for years of enjoyment.

ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable T-bar extends from 14.5 inches to 24 inches so taller children can enjoy the ride

EASY TO USE REAR BRAKE: The scooter features an easy to access rear brake which when pressed brings the scooter to a speedy secure stop. Large aluminum reinforced brake pedal is easy to use for quick and firm breaking fast.

Scooters for Kids Toddler Scooter2

User Experience and Review

  • Highly recommend. Great product and durable! Fun scooter, kids love it
  • This scooter is amazing! I had first purchased the razor scooter and my daughter hated using it. This one is much better due to having three wheels.
  • Gives young riders the confidence to increase their skills. Given to a 5 year-old who has had trouble with a 2-wheel scooter. He immediately took this on a 1/2 mile trip around the park. He takes it everywhere.
  • Great Scooter for younger kids.
  • Perfect Price, Quality, & Product…. for my 3.5 yr old

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Micro Kickboard – Mini Deluxe 3-Wheeled, Lean-to-Steer, Swiss-Designed Micro Scooter for Kids, Ages 2-5

The new Mini Deluxe has all the features that made the Mini Original the best-rated scooter for children ages 2-5. The Mini Deluxe comes in 8 great colors, has a higher weight capacity of up to 75 lbs and the new adjustable T-bar accommodates little ones as they grow (the T-bar adjusts from 17″ up to 25″ from the deck – this is 1″ higher than the Mini Original’s stationary T-bar).

Swiss-Designed Micro Scooter for Kids

Your child will love riding this award-winning Micro and you will love the years of fun and exercise it provides your child. The smooth-gliding wheels, low-to-the-ground deck and stable steering all make the Mini perfect for pre-schoolers and kindergartners.

What makes the Mini Deluxe unique is the adjustable T-bar and lean-to-steer design; children steer by using their body weight to lean right and left, intuitively learning to lean into a turn, while developing the balance and coordination used in many sports.

The Mini has the smoothest, quietest ride available thanks to high-quality wheels and a flexible fiberglass reinforced deck, which together absorb bumps in the sidewalk. Safety certified by the CPSC, the Mini Deluxe is recommended for children up to 75 lbs. SAFETY – For best protection, we recommend that children wear helmets and knee pads when riding.

Non-marking wheels allow children to learn to scoot in the safety of your home.

GROWS WITH YOUR CHILD: The Mini Micro Deluxe has an adjustable handlebar (49-68cm) which makes it perfect for growing adventurers and means the scooter will last your child through their formative years.

LITTLE MOVERS MADE FOR LIFE: The Mini Micro Deluxe helps to improve fine and gross motor skills. The lean-to-steer style of scooting helps them improve their balance and coordination. A scooter that will help them develop and grow important movement skills that will last a lifetime.

IDEAL FOR 2 TO 5 YEAR OLDS: The Mini Micro Deluxe is designed with perfect proportions for 2 to 5 year olds with an adjustable handlebar height.

ICONIC AND STILL AWARD WINNING: The iconic Mini Micro Deluxe is the original three-wheeled scooter, and still wins awards every year.

Swiss-Designed Micro Scooter for Kids2

User Experience and Review

  • Blue looks purple, but great scooter for fun and good exercise, great customer service!
  • My son got on it and he was riding like a pro in no time, super easy to maneuver and glide and balance…it’s amazing!
  • We love the Micro Kickboards. This particular one we bought for our 3 year old’s birthday. She jumped on this right away and was gone. It’s sturdy, well made and easy to use.
  • Favorite toy for my 15 month old, definitely recommend for small kids.
  • Safe for dainty little girls!

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6KU Kids Kick Scooter with Adjustable Height, Lean to Steer, Flashing Wheels for Children 3-8 Years Old Black

The 6KU Kids Scooter is the best quality kids scooter. With its lightweight design and lean to steer, it makes riding a scooter fun and easy for kids to play with. Designed for ages 3 to 8 years old the 6KU Kids Scooter is equipped with adjustable handlebars so your child can continue to use their scooter as they continue to grow.

6KU Kids Kick Scooter

A Product You Can Trust: Safety is important to us, this is why we designed our 3-wheeled scooters to help teach our young ones balance and coordination. Made with high-density plastic, its lightweight long-lasting design allows your child to feel safe and secure as they ride and is durable enough to handle regular use.

ADJUSTABLE HANDLEBARS: Our kid’s scooter design with adjustable height handlebar, T-bar and Upgraded Safety Lifting Lock can adjust from 26″ to 30″. Adjustable handlebar to accommodate ages 3 to 8 year old or heights 2’5″ to 5’0″.

3 LED FLASHING WHEELS: The kids scooter features 2 large front LED extra-wide wheels and a double rear LED wheels that light up as you ride. Plus they are bright enough to be seen during the day. Even safe to ride on wood floors without scratching.

EASY TO RIDE: Lean-to-Steer system and lightweight design offers better control while turning and teaches young ones coordination and balance. Large metal reinforced rear brake makes it easy for a child to quickly stop their scooter.

SAFE WIDE DECK: With an reinforced wide deck makes it easy for a child to easily hop on and off and is sturdy enough to hold up to 110 lbs. It’s non-slip extra-wide deck is wide enough to place both feet on the deck while riding, so riders can switch from pushing to enjoying their ride.

FOLDABLE & NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Folds in seconds making it easy to store and transport. The scooter comes COMPLETELY BUILT, ready to ride out of the box.

6KU Kids Kick Scooter2

User Experience and Review

  • This scooter is amazing! This is the 3rd style scooter I have bought for my kids and it is FAR superior to either of the others. It moves so intrinsically with them that they found it much easier to use.
  • We purchased 2 of these scooters for our kids (3 and 4.5). They are seriously the most sturdy scooters I’ve seen. The lights up wheels are an added advantage over other brands and its clearly Best scooters on the block!
  • Best execution of a 3 wheeled scooter yet!
  • Comfortable, safe, the neighbor’s kids loved these
  • Excellent product – More geared for kids 6 and under

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I·CODE 3 Wheel Scooter for Kids, Premium Kick Scooter with Anti-Slip Deck,Flashing Wheels,Lean to Steer for Toddler Girls & Boys(3-10 Year)

2019 UPDATED VERSION : 3 wheel design guarantees more stability for beginners who are not good at keeping balance.Extra-Wide zebra strip glass fiber pedals makes for anti-slip and safe riding.The anti-slip handlebar and twisting Lock provides firm grip and precise control.we have replaced the plastic clip lock with more durable twisting Lock which will last longer.

I·CODE 3 Wheel Scooter for Kids

DURABLE ALUMINUM FRAME: Built to last, our kick scooter is made with a high quality aluminum frame, carbon steel alloy & adjustable lifting lock handle bar. Handles also feature comfort grip pads. Folding design makes the scooter ideal for travel or storage. Built to handle the bumps our Kids scooter is guaranteed to last for years of enjoyment.

HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: T-bar with Secure Lifting and Twisting Lock can be adjusted to 25″ to 35.3″.This feature allows for the growing of kids.4 adjustable height options to accommodate ages 3 to 10 year old.

FLASHING WHEELS: The 120mm big front flashing wheels make for a bonus for your funny and cool riding.The wheels needs no charging for it contains magnetic steel that will be luminous as the wheel rolls.

EASY LEAN TO STEER : The scooter will turn in the direction where you incline and apply presure. ICODE Kids Scooter come with delicate package, best gift for Baby Boys Girls . Support 12 month warranty .

IDEAL KIDS GIFT: Designed with Kids in Mind. The child-friendly features combine safety with practicality, creating a stable, stylish scooter for 2-year-old to 8-year-old! Ideal gift for kids, boys or girls. Perfect house warming birthday party gift.

I·CODE 3 Wheel Scooter for Kids2

User Experience and Review

  • I wanted to give this 5 stars, it’s a great little scooter! So perfect for younger kids, my four year old picked it up so fast and he doesn’t want to stop riding!
  • Good quality, wheels are shinny and flashing when rolling. Fold-able comes convenient. My son loves it.
  • My nephew absolutely loves the scooter. It was for his 2nd birthday and I feel he will be able to use it for awhile.
  • My son has some gross motor delays. He took to this one after only a few tries. It’s a smooth ride. The brake works well. Very pleased
  • Such a well made scooter for my growing granddaughter! It’s so easy to fold up and so adorable!

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Hikole Scooters for Kids & Toddlers 3 Wheel Scooter Great for Girls & Boys Kid Ride on Toys – 4 Adjustable Height & PU Flashing Wheels for Preschool Kids Ages 2-9

The quiet wheels, the deep, wide deck, and the sturdy steering make Hikole SCOOTER perfect for kids. It is easy to stow and transport so that you can discover, enjoy and explore the world at your own pace, while at the same time developing important skills for balance and coordination.

Hikole Scooters for Kids & Toddlers

Adjustable Handlebar: GROW with YOUR KIDS! Adjustable height from 57-62-67-69cm/ 22.44-24.41-26.38-27.17 inch (4 Levels). And the adjustable handlebar with soft rubber hand grips. It is ideal for little kids ages 2-9 with a weight capacity of 110 lbs.

LED Light up Wheels: Let SCOOTER be A SATR! LED flashing wheels bring the EYE-CATCHING lights in the dark. As kids ride, the 3 wheels light up in a variety of flashing color, adding an original and fun to the ride.

Stable 3 Wheels Design: STABLE! Provide added stability and safety. The front wheels are quite big, so it runs smoothly even on surfaces that are uneven & bumpy. The deck is low-to-the-ground, grip and wide so it is extra for stability.

Lean-to-Steer Mechanism: SAFE! The scooter is controlled by leaning rather than turning the steering wheel, this design helps your child develop balance skills, coordination and more Develops kids balance, co-ordination and motor skills. Tots mini scooter with unique gravity steering mechanism can easy turn right or left for kid. Offer greater control and maneuverability, easy to control.

Easy Detachable Design: EASY CARRYING and STORE! Quickly disassemble or assemble in 3 seconds. Save space and perfect for quick storage.

High quality materials: We use high quality materials to make our scooters strong and wear resistant.

Adjustable Height: This scooter is suitable for children from 2 to 8 years old. Its height adjustable range is 57-69cm.

Glowing wheel: The wheels will glow with the roll. After dark, it was very cool.

Hikole Scooters for Kids & Toddlers

User Experience and Review

  • After dinner, kids always play together, some kids will play scooter, she really wants one. I choose pink, her favorite color.
  • Got this super cute hot green scooter for my 3 year old and he loves it!! Great quality! We were both so shocked to see that the wheels light up while riding! That was so cool.
  • Easy install. My daughter loves it, since the first day she got it, she need to play it every single day.
  • This three wheels scooter much more easy for my daughter to keep balance . Yesterday we play in the park she finally can ride the scooter with her friends together very confidence and happy.
  • This scooter is perfect for my two year old son!

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Baby Balance Bike, Ride on Scooter, Mini Bike, Bicycle for Children Riding Toy Balance Baby Walker Push Car Walking Buddy Bike for Baby Kid Toddler Indoor Outdoor Activities 6-48 Months

EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Modular design just need to install the front wheels and handlebar within minutes as per manual inside (should be installed by adults), Please choose 1-2 pcs suitable metal gasket to place on the front of the car body before install it.

Baby Balance Bike Ride on Scooter

Applicable Age: The Foot-to-Floor Ride-on Toy suits 10-36 months babies who are learning to walk or developing balance. Max. load capacity is 20kg.

Safe for Baby: Sturdy steel frame, soft handle grips and seat, durable widen silent & fully enclosed wheels ensure baby feet safety; 135 degree steering limited to avoid baby side falling. This kid bike strong enough for riding indoor or outdoor.

Physical Development: The balance bike can promote the development of muscles, train the development of large movements and coordination of the body, and enhance bone development. It helps kids gain balance, steering, coordination and confidence at early age.

Customer Service: If you have any problem when install or use the balance bike, please no hesitate to contact us, usually reply your email within 24 hours.

Special Features:

  • Sit and glide,
  • Assist in walking,
  • Play in various ways!
  • Safe and fun!
  • It is a child’s favorite product.
  • Cute shape attracts the baby’s gaze and enhances baby riding interest!
  • Rich baby imagination and creativity!

Baby Balance Bike Ride on Scooter2

User Experience and Review

  • This little bike has a large seat for a baby and padded handlebars. I think it’s good to have the padding lust in case there is an accident. It’s the perfect height for him, his feet touch the floor.
  • Great product for the kids. He’s just learning to walk and he has figured out how to make it move. A great little bike!
  • It’s lighter weight than I had expected and it was super easy to assemble and works great. My 22 months old boy is loving this balance bike
  • This bike is well made and very durable. Perfect size for my 1 year old. Easy to put together and I now I can’t get my daughter off of it, as she always wants to ride it lol. Definitely two thumbs up!!
  • Fun and great for little kids, awesome scooter for new walkers.

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KAMURES 2-in-1 | 3 Wheels Kick Scooter with Removable Seat for Kids & Toddlers, 5 Adjustable Height Kids Scooter with Extra-Wide PU Flashing Wheels, Best Gift for Boys Girls Age Over 3 Years Old (3-8)

Children use their body weight to lean left or right to steer, which develop kid’s balance, coordination, steering abilities.

ADJUSTABLE/REMOVABLE SEAT: Beginning with a Kids scooter with seat, little baby kids’ will be able to sit down on a comfortable & removable & adjustable seat.

3 Wheels Kick Scooter with Removable Seat for Kids

ADJUSTABLE HANDLEBAR: Our Kick Scooter is easy to adjust the Handlebar height. There are four levels for your baby to adjust the Kick Scooter handlebar height according to their height.

SAFETY BREAKING: The brake is activated by stepping on the stopper and applying pressure to back wheel. Stopping is simple and SMOOTH – the kids don’t fall off or fall over from scooter even when trying to stop fast.

A great gift for your kids: This kind of kick scooter is designed to little children who enjoy smooth and safe ride. It will bring your children fun for many years because of the adjustable handlebar and Removable seat. No assembly and patented folding mechanism make kids more easily to use.

Our Kick Scooter has 100% Guarantee satisfaction: High quality is our guarantee. We promise 100% satisfaction. Instantly answer any questions about our Kick Scooter. Please note: We offer 1-Year Warranty and excellent customer service, which makes your purchase absolutely risk-free and you can enjoy its quality and durability, For any quality issues, you can email us by clicking on the “Seller Contact” button in your Amazon account.

Special Features:

  • Easily to adjust the height for Kick Scooter, 4 levels height
  • Non-slip handlebar, High-quality polyurethane Pu flash wheels
  • Flexible nylon fiberglass-reinforced deck, high-strength aluminum alloy pipe, high strength bottom and extra thickness of aluminum frame
  • Larger dual front wheels and back 2 in 1 design effectively reducing the strong vibrations caused by uneven ground, more comfortable.
  • Lean-to-Steer Mechanism Offer greater control and maneuverability. Develops kids balance, co-ordination and motor skills.
  • EASY-CARRYING: The lightweight composition make the mini scooter easy to carry and convenient to store when not in use.

3 Wheels Kick Scooter with Removable Seat for Kids

User Experience and Review

  • Durable, well made, big time favorite in my house scooter!
  • Nice scooter that grows with your child. I got this for my niece because I liked how it was a 3 in 1. She’ll get more use out of it which is nice. The basket is also a nice little addition.
  • Good quality scooter with a lot of cool features.
  • My granddaughter LOVES this. She rides it inside and out. I also got her a bike, but she likes this better. She 3 1/2 and has no problem with maneuvering it.
  • This is adorable. It was super easy to assemble and my kids love it. It is such a good deal because it can transform and grow with my kids as they do.

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How to Choose the Best Scooter for Kids and Toddlers

So, how on earth do you choose the right scooter for this age group? We’ve come up with a list of some features to consider.

Removable Seat: Toddlers are building up their confidence and skills at this age. So, for some, jumping straight into riding a scooter full-on might be too much too soon.

Because of this, some companies make scooters with removable seats. This means they can use it as a ride-on until they feel confident enough to zoom along on their own.

Adjustable Handlebars: Everyone who’s had a toddler before knows how fast they grow. To accommodate this, check out scooters that have an adjustable handle. This will let you adjust it to the right height and make it safer as well. Some scooters will have pre-set height levels, while some are free-moving.

Lean To Steer: Maneuvering a scooter isn’t easy. The last thing you want is for your toddler to hurt themselves or end up frustrated over and over again.

The best ones for this age group are scooters with a “lean to steer” mechanism. This means that your toddler leans in the direction they want the scooter to move. Sometimes referred to as “lean to turn”, this helps them to practice their balance and coordination.

Rear Fender Brake: Some children love to go fast and they’ll be super excited to zoom along on their new scooter. But safety is essential and it’s best to look out for one that has a reliable rear fender brake.

This is normally over the wheel so it’s easy to stand on when they want to stop. Some of the best scooters will have grips over the brake. This may stop your toddler’s foot from slipping.

Three or Four Wheels: Most standard scooters will only have two wheels. But since toddlers are still learning to keep their balance, we’d recommend looking for scooters that have three or four wheels.

This is going to provide a sturdy base for your little one to stand on. Plus, they’ll be able to work on their balance in a safer way.

To Keep In Mind

Everyone wants their toddler to have fun while scooting. But you’ll want them to be safe too. It’s always a good idea to look for a helmet to protect their noggin. The chances of head injuries can be greatly reduced by wearing a properly-fitted helmet.

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Elbow and knee pads will also protect your toddler from scrapes, cuts, and bruises. Some may argue that they’re not necessary but choose what you feel most comfortable with.


Final Words

We can see that scooters are a great way to get your toddler moving. Daily exercise is essential and a scooter is a fun way to practice motor skills, fine-tune coordination, and burn excess energy.

If we had to pick just one favorite, it would have to be the SKIDEE Folding Seat Adjustable Scooter. We love that it has a foldable seat to make it a ride-on. It’s also got the lean-to-steer function and cool light-up wheels.

Do you have a favorite scooter, or do you plan on getting the best scooter for kids or toddlers? Let us know in the comments!

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